Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet the Babes

Here is Caroline holding baby Venus (in peach) and baby Phoebe (in white.) When I first gave her Phoebe she told me that she looked like one of the ogre babies from Shrek 3 - I'd have to agree with her.

And here she is with Pola and Lola Lily (in stripes). She's making the wide eyed look on purpose - she thought she was being quite funny.

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Anonymous said...

Our Little Mommy doll is named Rosie. Kenz just got it for her birthday and she was wearing a pinkish rain jacket so I suggested Rosie and Kenzie liked it! (Plus Rose is Tori's middle name so I thought that was cute) We also have 2 stuffed animals that have we have named - Sprinkles, a white & purple poodle (had no idea until later that Blue's Clues has a Sprinkles dog!) and Louie, a dog that she also got for her birthday that came in a dog carrier with vet toys (the people that gave it too her have a dog named Louie that she loves so we named the dog after him) But we has have "baby" which is the baby doll I got Kenzie last year once we found out I was pregnant again to get her ready - she won't use a name with this baby doll. Funny, huh?

Thanks for introducing the "family"

~ V