Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marathon Day

We embarked at 9:30am to make it downtown in enough time to see my sister, Chrissa, running in the Baltimore Marathon/Half-Marathon. Thank goodness we left early because we did NOT anticipate running into Morgan State University's Homecoming parade that closed a fairly big throughway to get down further into the city. After meandering through some neighborhoods we'd never seen before and hoping that we'd be clear of the parade route, we made it past and had NO problem getting close to the marathon route. I'd received a text message on my phone that Chrissa had made it to 5.9 miles so we were hoping we still had time to cheer her on.

We were able to park right at the corner of 33rd and Ednor and were there only a few minutes before we were joined by Mark, Sara, Zoe and Taki who were there to cheer on another friend too. Then, just a few minutes later, there came Chrissa! I managed to snap this photo as she passed. It was really amazing to see so many people dedicated to running. You could tell some were having no problems while others were working very hard to keep going. Fortunately, we were at the highest point of the race and the runners were all headed downhill at that point which we told them as they ran past.

Then after cheering on some more runners, we stopped for a pitstop at Mark and Sara's and then headed over to a little eatery near JHU to wait for Chrissa. While were at Mark's I got a text message that Chrissa had finished the race with a time of 1:44:29 at an average of 7:58/mile. Pretty darn good considering she said she never trained that fast. We were all really excited to see her when she got to the restaurant and had lunch with us. (Mind you, she had finished the 13.1 mile run, walked back to her apartment, showered/changed/stretched, and then RODE HER BIKE up to where we were eating. And then later she was headed to a friend's for a BBQ. All in a day's work for her!)

Caroline decided to go home with my parents and Bryce snoozed the whole way home with us and now the boys are headed out to Sam's Club for much needed supplies. So now it's time for me to get cleanin'. I finally got my mp3 player cover/armband so I won't have to worry about dropping it in a toilet.


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Christine said...

Yay Chrissa!!! Amazing!!! And go Erika with the cleaning. Hope you can relax in your clean house tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

A BIG Congrats for Chrissa! I remember her running around the neighborhood back in the day, wish I could have that dedication to running (I rather bike!) like her and my Dad (he still runs 3-4 times a week and he'll be 65 next month!) It was a great day to be out there too! Maybe next year I can get into shape to do the relay - we have a bunch of friends who do that part of it. She's not doing the Susan G Race tomorrow is she? ~ V

bracken said...

Congrats to your sister! That is impressive! You would never see me doing that so anyone who can manage to complete a marathon (half or whole) is impressive to me.