Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making Products

On Saturday, when Caroline was supposed to be napping - she even told me she was tired and needed a nap - I peeked in on her and there she was sitting at her little vanity with a bunch of belts in front of her.

"Look mommy! I found all these belts on the back of my door and I'm making products."

I stepped closer to take a look. She indeed had found 3 little belts that had come with her Target pants last fall that had been hanging on the hooks on the back of her door. She had been sitting and fiddling with them by putting the strap through the buckle so all 3 of them were sitting there buckled. For some reason, she decided that buckling these 3 belts meant she was making "products."

Here again, Caroline is using a word that she heard and isn't quite sure how to use it, but when she does use it, she sounds very sure of herself and so there's really no room for argument.

Needless to say, her product production prevented any napping that day.

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