Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lola Lily, Pola, Venus & Phoebe

Who are these mysterious girls? These are the names of Caroline's dolls. All named by her!

I really need to take a picture of them so you're better introduced but they are in bed so I better not wake them. (We already had an incident at 9:20 where Caroline came down to tell us that Phoebe wouldn't sleep.)

Lola Lily - She is a Cabbage Patch doll that resembles Caroline - she got her on her 3rd Christmas (or the Christmas just after turning 2). Lola was named by a 2 year old Caroline when I went through and gave her LOTS of options and she settled on Lola Lily all by herself. We even went to CPK.com and printed out her adoption certificate with her new name. Lola fits into all of my CPK clothes that my grandmother (Mee Maw) so lovingly made for my CPKs when I was a kid. They have held up so well and you can't tell they are 20+ years old. Caroline likes Lola but she doesn't play with her that much.

Pola - Pola was Caroline's first doll - a Fisher-Price Little Mommy doll. I beleive she got her on her 2nd Christmas (just after turning 1). Pola is usually naked. For some reason Caroline likes to take her clothes off and says Pola doesn't mind that she's naked. I'm not sure why her name is Pola - Caroline just came up with it one day and it stuck. I think it's b/c it rhymes with Lola and she comes up with lots of nonsense words that rhyme with common words.

Venus - Venus was just named today but she's been living at our house for a while. She's a very old doll - probably 25 years old. She's a little dirty and not altogether cute, but Caroline really likes her. She belonged to my sister and was adopted by Caroline one day when she was visiting my mom. Venus has a soft body and very hard half arms and legs. Venus is often naked as well and Bryce has taken a liking to her too. I have NO clue why her name is Venus.

Phoebe - She joined our family today but she's not new - my grandmother (Nanny) gave one to my sister and me in 1989 for Christmas not long after we had seen them in a newspaper circular and commented on how simple and cute they were. She's an all plastic doll and very simple, but she has a newborn look. Skin with lots of wrinkles like a new born and she even has her umbilical cord stump. When I brought her up out of the basement today, Caroline was instantly in love with her and proceeded to start mothering her right away. I think she was fascinated by the real features. Phoebe was named much like Lola Lily - by her choosing a name from some of the many I spout off the top of my head. Of course, she can't quite remember how to say it and it usually comes out a little muddled, but she told me she likes it.

And with Caroline's new interest in playing with baby dolls, I ordered her a wooden baby bunk bed set for her birthday (or maybe Christmas). They had free shipping, so I couldn't pass it up. Aside from the fact that it's two beds, it also reminds me so much of a set of wooden doll bunk beds my sister and I had for our dolls growing up. I just LOVED them. I might even make some little blankets for it too - just like my grandmother did for Chrissa and me.

Of course, the ladder might get stowed away since I remember our ladder not being used much and sometimes being used a weapon, so Caroline might not even know her bunkbed set came with a ladder. I mean, really, does a doll really need a ladder?

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Katie said...

Pola reminds me of that girl Poli? Margot's friend?