Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's the BOOKS!

I had a realization this morning - the key to Caroline's undoing in so many cases are books. Yes, books. Let me demonstrate:

1. She has woken up on several occassions in the middle of the night just to read her books.
2. She doesn't like to go to sleep at night because she wants to read her books.
3. She doesn't want to get dressed (or do many things in the morning) because she is usually in the middle of one of her books.
4. She often will not leave for daycare without finding a book to take along for story time.

And the result of many of these book related incidents? Tantrums, crying, whining, etc.

It's funny that of all the things that could be causing a lot of her behavior problems, it's books. But I think I realized why. The kid is a sponge and wants to "read" everything she gets her hands on. Her favorite thing to do is to have you read her a book and then she likes to "read" it back to you. Quite amusing, most times.

Of all the things it could be - TV, computers, toys - but books? I never expected. And how do you take BOOKS away from a kid? Aren't they usually what we push on them and hope they will grow to love??

I haven't come up with an answer, but for some reason this makes me a very proud parent. Her love of learning is already sparked and I'll just deal with it since reading isn't exactly a behavior I wish to squealch.

I guess these are just the beginning of my issues with an intelligent child.

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Heather said...

I think that's great! Even though you're a little behind on your sleep...