Sunday, October 28, 2007

Instant Recognition

I told Caroline there was a pumpkin surprise downstairs for her this morning and she had to go down and see what mommy did with her pumpkins after she went to sleep last night. Of course, she thinks that means that there were presents waiting for her and started telling Bryce not to open them first. After explaning that there were NO presents on Halloween, she remembered that she needed to see what the big pumpkins looked like and she ran downstairs.

She saw the cat first and claimed that it is Scout, one of my IL's cats. Then she saw June and IMMEADIATELY recognized it as June. :) So I guess my artistry was decent enough for an almost 4 year old to recognize.

Of course now I'd like to get her picture with it, but I don't have my fingers crossed for that because she NEVER wants her picture taken anymore. And then Bryce told Jason he was scared of the big pumpkins, so who knows if we'll get any pictures of the kids with the bigger pumpkins or not.


bracken said...

Congratulations!!! That is so great that Caroline recognized the pumpkins. What a great way to make you feel good about a job well done!

Christine said...

TFF about Bryce and the big pumpkins! At least he's OK with the smaller ones. WTG on the harvest too!!!