Thursday, October 04, 2007

His World is Full of Colors

Bryce is in the color recognition phase and because of that, he spends a good deal of time pointing out to you what colors everything he sees are. Often, he'll go into little speeches (if you can call it that) about what color everyone's eyes are. And I mean everyone - our family, the kids at daycare, grandparents - everyone!

And this morning when we got to daycare, he had to point out everything in the room that he saw was blue. I guess today was blue day to him.

I always enjoy it because when he gets into it, he gets so excited to tell you the color that sometimes he'll barely be able to get the words out. And then other times, he enjoys purposely telling you the WRONG color to make you laugh. His favorite is to tell you that a school bus is green. He does this quite often on the short ride to daycare since we often see a school bus enroute and he'll say, "Mommy, dat school bus GREEN!" And right away, I can hear him quietly giggling behind me.

He is such a little joker......

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