Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Giggles in Bed

This morning I heard something outside my bathroom door at 6:45am. Having a pretty good idea who it was, I opened the door and there was Caroline peeking under the door. She started chatting immediately about Wyatt and something else with Super Why. As luck would have it, Super Why was still on so she cuddled up in my bed and started watching. Only a few minutes later, a little voice from next door started calling. Mr. Happy wanted to know where Caroline was and quickly surmised by the sounds of the TV that she was watching SuperWhy. After a fast diaper change, he wanted to go and watch the show with her. So, I put him on the other side and both finished up the last few minutes of SuperWhy together. Then I turned it to the Wiggles at 7am before going downstairs to eat a quick breakfast. They were both in very chipper moods and I wasn't worried about any tiffs while I was gone.

So as I'm sitting downstairs, I hear them talking and giggling as they watched the Wiggles. When I went back upstairs, they were both laying side by side watching their favorite Australians and enjoying one another's company. It is such a heartwarming thing for a mother to see her little ones laughing together and just generally being happy. They continued their happy viewing together and then planned their escape while I had the door closed to dry my hair (and not drown out the Wiggles). As I opened the door, Caroline was already out of bed and Bryce was following all the while talking about something they wanted to do.

I think they're going to have a good day with Nana and Big Dad. Happy kids in the morning usually means a happy day for everyone involved.

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Christine said...

Awwww- I love those moments too! One of the first things Anya wanted to do today when she stopped barfing was to take care of Baz and make sure he did't get sick too!