Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ghosts (or weird costumes) of Halloweens Passed

Katie's picture and post about a Halloween long ago got me to thinking about costumes I wore for Halloweens past. I have a pretty good memory of what I wore every year on the first day of school, but my memory of my Halloween costumes is a little fuzzier. Let's see if I can remember...

Pre-school (as in before school since I did not attend pre-school): I know I was a clown at some point, but the costume I totally remember was in 1980 when I was WONDER WOMAN. My mom bought me a mask and then made the rest of my costume. Of course, being a smart woman, she had me wear a sweatsuit under the Wonder Woman costume since really, all she wore was underwear. (My sister was Batgirl that year with a similar get up - we were ready to take on the world!)

I really don't remember my costume in kindergarten, but I remember what I wore in 1st grade (Halloween 1982) - I was Princess Sabina from The Smurfs. I have tried to find a picture of her but haven't been able to yet. Suffice it to say she had red hair that she wore in buns (Leia style) and a pink dress. My mother somehow convinced me that this very tall "princess hat" (CONE) draped with brown filmy material and a funny looking brown dress was exactly what Princess Sabina would wear. (My brother was the accompanying Johan too.) I wore that costume in my school's little Halloween parade around the parking lot and was quite proud of it. This scenario reminds me quite a bit of how I've convinced Caroline that the pink dress in her dress up bin is JUST like Princess Presto's. At least they are the same color and sparkly, right?

In second grade, I think I was a Cabbage Patch Kid. But it was just one of those plastic costumes that goes over your clothes with a cheap mask. Do they even sell those anymore? And with it being 1983, everyone loved Cabbage Patch Kids.

In third grade, oh my, I remember 3rd grade! I was a PUNK! Heck, it was 1984 and I was awesome. I wore neon yellow tights, turquoise shorts and polo (with the color up? not exactly punk, more prep, I think) and some weird scarves tied around me. I'm thinking it was more Punky Brewster than punk. But the best part of all was that my mom put some goopy gel in my hair and made it all spikey and put PINK SPARKLED hair spray in my hair and lots of blue eyeshadow. (Hey mom, why did you have blue eye shadow in your bag? Was that from your regular, everyday wear???) I remember being sad that Halloween was over that year because I had to go back to being non-punk Erika.

In 4th grade, I think I was Sylvester the Cat (another one of those cheap plastic costumes). Why? I have NO idea. I think I just needed to settle on something fast at the store and I was okay with that.

In 5th grade, my mom got really creative. I went as a flower. She found this really neat mime type mask that had a cool design on it and she hot glued big petals to it she made out of foam and wire. Then she made me a leaf skirt out of green tissue paper that I wore over a green shirt and leggings.

I think the end of elementary school meant the end of dressing up for me. I might have had a few other random costumes, but nothing that really stands out in my mind. My sister always seemed to have the good ideas for costumes and worked with my parents to create them. She was a domino, sponge dinosaur, and mailbox - all made very creatively by my parents.

Now I could definitely have a few of these years mixed up so I need to go to my mom's now and look through her photos. So mom, if you want to correct my memory, please do. (That would be a first, huh?)

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Christine said...

Wow- do you have a good memory! Mybrain just hurts trying to think of ANY costumes I wore, let alone what years!