Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Fall Ramblings

I realize that this has been a down blogging week for me. Not that I haven't had time, I just haven't had much to say. Or maybe I didn't feel like saying it. I don't know. So here are my rambled thoughts.....

I'm happy today is Friday and I'm looking forward to going and cheering my sister on as she runs in the Baltimore Marathon tomorrow - she's running the half-marathon though. I've already signed up for text alerts to keep me updated on where she is on the course so we can be sure to cheer for her as she runs by and then we'll meet up with her afterwards for some grub. She's lucky it's cooled off so dramatically this week since we certainly did NOT want a replay of what happened during Chicago's marathon last weekend.

Speaking of the weather, can you believe it was in the low 90's on Tuesday and yesterday it was only in the low 60's? I wasn't even sure how to dress the kids yesterday. I opted for long pants and short sleeves since the prediction was low 70's but it never got there. So today they are in comfy sweat suits - Caroline's favorite. I can't say I mind though b/c I was kind of getting tired of the summer wardrobes. So I guess it will be a blue jean weekend.

I'm trying to decide when to take the kids to the pumpkin farm. Jay and I already bought their pumpkins at Sam's Club a few weeks ago since they were HUGE and cheap - $5.88 (why does Walmart/Sam's always use .88 for their prices?). I know we paid way too much for their pumpkins at the pumpkin farm last year and then one of them rotted before Halloween. Pumpkins, as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place should not rot for a long time. They are a winter squash, according to my all knowing, produce loving sister. And winter squash are named that not because they fruit in winter, but because they will keep through winter. So hopefully those two large ones in our basement along with the two little ones we were able to grow in our garden this year will be okay for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, it looks like the kids' Halloween festivities are shaping up. I figured it would just be an hour of trick or treating and that would be it. But we now have "events" to go to. On the Saturday before Halloween, I'm going to take the kids up to my IL's to attend their neighborhood's Halloween party. Then on Sunday I'm going to take them to my parent's church for a "Trunk or Treat." Apparently it's trick or treating in the parking lot from car to car for treats. And the thing I like best about it is that they have specified that there are to be NO violent, gorey, or scary costumes and NO costumes with weapons. So I guess if Bryce is a cowboy, he won't have gun. Not that I would have gotten one - I hate guns so much I don't even want my kids having toy ones.

Finally, last night the kids and I did a Halloween craft - the Halloween link countdown calendar. Did any of you make these in elementary school? I never did, but I remember my brother and sister making them in kindergarten for the big holidays as a way to countdown to the big day. So we made them last night with 20 days to go. They did pretty well - although now I realize that I probably did them WAY too early. 20 links are a LOT to make with little kids. But we managed. However it brought to mind a memory I thought I'd share:

As I stated before my sister used to make these very same countdown "calendars" when she was in kindergarten. Well, she made one for Halloween in Fall 1983 and had it hanging proudly in our kitchen. Then one weekend before Halloween, my parents went out to dinner and left us to be babysat by the high school aged girl we knew. (Let's call her T.) Apparently after we went to bed that night, T got a little curious and happened upon my parents' liquor cabinet and had a few too many drinks. She must have been feeling pretty bad because she barfed all over some pillows on the couch, all over the kitchen floor, and all over the front of the fridge - and my sister's calendar. My parents arrived home to find T's mother waiting for them and the explanation of what had happened. My mom said that it hadn't been cleaned up very well and aside from the alcohol in her stomach, she'd also gone into the fridge at some point and made some bacon and covered it in syrup. So she barfed up a lot of very sticky stuff that was not cleaned up well and my mom and dad had to clean the kitchen floor after they got home from their dinner out. (Nice, huh?) Well the next morning, we (the kids) were completely oblivious to what had gone on but there was one casualty - my sister's calendar. And she noticed and was so sad about it. My mom didn't tell me for many years what exactly had happened except that T had been sick that night. Needless to say, she didn't babysit for us anymore.

Thank goodness we have so many trustworthy family members to babysit our kids. Not that there aren't good non-family sitters out there, it's just nice not to have to worry about it!

And with that, I'll leave you to your Friday.


Anonymous said...

I think I might know who T is ;) Funny story but your poor sister!

~ Viv

Erika said...

Yes, I'm sure you do.

It certainly wasn't Lisa K from across the street from you - she was our favorite sitter - and she never gorged herself on bacon (or liquor), even once!

Heather said...

OMG!!! When I was a babysitter, I never would have thought to try to sneak into liquor cabinets. Wow.

Anonymous said...

That's funny Lisa never babysat me and I was her sisters best friend at the time! I think Sondra (remember her I think that was her name) babysat me a few times and Andrea B watched my sister from time to time. :)

And it's funny cause I used to babysit for Donnie & Julie D and their cousins I never would have thought about hittin' up Mrs. Sharon's stash! (I didn't even know where it was!)

Christine said...

OMG- too funny about the babysitter! Well, as a parent, I suppose it wasn't really that funny, but it made me think about the alcohol we usually have sitting out. It has little appeal to us (we're definitely beer-ies), but it might to a teenager- gotta put that away! Poor Chrissa- maybe Caroline could make her a new one?