Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Fate of Being An Early Adopter of Trends

I just realized that Caroline seems to be an early adopter of toddler/preschool trends. Back when Diego was first introduced in 2005, she LOVED him. And that Christmas, we satisfied her love by getting her a Diego figure that was actually part of the Dora set of toys. The Rescue Center was not introduced until later in 2006.

In 2006, Caroline fell quickly in love with The Little Einsteins and of course, during Christmas 2006, there were almost no Little Einsteins gear to be had. But I just saw in a 2007 catalog, they now have Little Einsteins toys.

So here we are in 2007 and Caroline is totally in love with SuperWhy! And wouldn't you know it, there are NO SuperWhy toys or ANYTHING out there yet since it just started around Labor Day. I'm sure that by Christmas 2008 there will be PLENTY of SuperWhy toys out there, but it may be too late for Caroline.

I guess this is just what happened when you have a trendsetting kid who gets into things a little earlier than others. Although maybe it's good for Jay and I since there aren't a million marketing ploys out there to grab her attention with her new favorite character. Not that she suffers, by any means, in the toy department as there are plenty of other things she's interested in - it's just none of them are her #1.

I also realize that this is a lot like how it is for the early adopters of technology in that we see something new and totally cool, we buy it, and then a few months later something WAY better (and often cheaper) comes out and the original item we had, which was totally cool a few months back, is so outdated.

I guess my almost 4 year old is just too hip for me! (BTW, has anyone seen that show Yo Gabba Gabba!? Talk about a WEIRD show - but my kids love it!)


Anonymous said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is totally off the wall. I'm greatful Kenzie isn't into to it. The same goes for Teletubbies and BooBah. I can take Barney but not them!

On the note ot Little Einsteines - I was watching an older Baby Einstein DVD with the girls last night which had a promo for LE on it, and it was funny to see how June, Annie, Leo and Quincy were supposed to look! They look much better now................

Can't wait to watch all the Halloween episodes today :)

~ V

(P.S. I know it's WAY early to be responding but Tori got up and I can't go back to sleep : ( )

Anonymous said...

I toatlly agree. My 3 year old loves SUPERWHY. WHY are there no toys!!

Leslie in NC

Gina Compton said...

My son who turned 4 in October absolutely LOVES SUPERWHY!!! All he wants for Christmas is a Superwhy Costume, Superwhy Airplane, a Super Computer, a Super Wand. The list goes on and on. I have searched every store in town and the internet, with no luck. If you or anyone else finds anything, will you please let me know? (gcompton@chartertn.net). I watch Superwhy with my son everyday. We both love it!!!

Family of Superwhy Fans,

Gina Compton

Anonymous said...

I am yet another mom raising two SUPERWHY addicts in search of the some SUPERWHY toys!!

We love the show and my youngest would fall in love with anything related to SUPERWHY but I haven't found anything either!!

Tami Brass said...

Ditto - I found some stuff on eBay, but it was clearly promo stuff for the PBS stations. What about downloading a logo from the website, printing it on a tshirt transfer, and ironing it on a shirt/hat/cape...?

Anonymous said...

oh me oh my it's 2008 and NO superwhy toys!!! i think this is going to drive me crazy!! My son loves videos and he thinks that he should be able to watch superwhy at anytime just like everything else!!!!
Do u have any information on little people??? my sister gave me an old tape of it, but it has seen it's last days.