Sunday, October 14, 2007

Educated & Bull$hit

Two little stories from the weekend - first the G rated one:

This evening I was sitting in Caroline's room after bathtime while both kids were taking turns jumping off stools. I'm not quite sure what the goal was but Caroline was jumping to see how far she could go and Bryce was "jumping" and landing on his knees. (OUCH!) In the midst of this, each time Caroline jump she would yell out "EDUCATED!" I have NO idea why.

I think this is an example of how she hears words, has NO idea what they mean, has NO idea how to use them, but likes the sound of them and finds a way to work them into her regular vernacular. (She did something similar yesterday when she wove the word "Africa" into an explanation to my parents about what a fake spider was doing on the wall of the restaurant.)

I asked her what she was saying and she said, "Educated." (very matter of factly) I asked her if she knew what it meant and when she told me she didn't I defined it for her. I guess that took away the magic of the word because she stopped using it.

And now, the PG-13 rated one:

As I said before, Bryce has been having troubles going to bed at night. We thought we solved it with a night light on Friday, but then last night just as Jay put Bryce into his crib after rocking him, Bryce started screaming. Jason who was growing more and more frustrated, picked him back up and in a hiss of a whisper said, "Bryce, this is bull$hit."

SIDENOTE: Before you think badly upon Jason, please know we are very careful about the language we use around our children and do not think it's funny to hear litte kids using innapropriate language. Jason says this was a momentary lapse in his better judgement and felt badly as soon as it left his mouth.

Within a second of it leaving Jason's mouth - Jason hears in the darkness, "Daddy, this is bull$hit! This is BULL$HIT!" Of course, Jay was having a range of emotions - frustration with himself for uttering it, frustration with the situation, and then finding the situation funny to hear that word (a word Jason has mentioned he thought was just a funny word in the past) come out as clear as day from a 2 year old's mouth - a 2 year old that has a mighty cute voice, at that.

So Jason, recovering his parental good judgement, stiffled his laughter and didn't utter a word to Bryce as not to give him any reinforcement. Thankfully, Bryce didn't say it again and he quieted down and went to sleep. And fortunately, we didn't hear it again today. Here's hoping he forgot!


Katie said...

LOL!!! C's educated story made me smile and Bryce's bedtime story made me LOL-- really funny!!!

The other day I stabbed myself w/ an exacto knife (long story) and shouted out the D word in front of Emily. I'm just waiting for her to repeat it to me one day.

Gotta watch what we say but it happens. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can totally understand Jay's "slip" since I'm sure frustration and tiredness were huge factors. And it sounds like he made a good recovery - I'm not so sure I'd be able to keep a straight face whenever Kenzie decides to copy bad words (my Jay has a really hard time watching what he says during the Ravens games, there's usually and D or S word that is yelled out. But it's getting better and I'm thankful that the girls are sleeping during most of the games or we are at the games so the girls are with the grandparents, but I'm sure it's coming soon) :( ~ V

bracken said...

Everyone slips no matter how much we try! I am impressed he kept his composure. Kudos to him:>!

Anna said...

Too cute about Bryce! Sounds like he made a great recovery, and hope Bryce continues to sleep well!