Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Weird Tantrum Turn-Off

Caroline was in full grumpy/cranky mode last night before dinner. If she wasn't out on the deck yelling at Bryce and ordering him around to do weird things that only she understood, she was inside resisting any kind of conversation with me and just being "not nice." Then she smelled dinner and said it smelled yucky and that she wanted something else. Great, another fun dinner time ahead. And in the meantime, Bryce started throwing a tantrum at the same time about who knows what.

But in the midst of two kids whining and crying, I asked Caroline what she wanted to drink with dinner - milk, juice or water. When she chose water, I told her she could get it herself from the water dispenser in the door. (Normally we keep that "locked" so we don't have ice and water constantly pouring onto the floor.) I unlocked it and she got her own water. And like magic, she turned back into my sweet Caroline and was giggling and being her adorable self. She drank 3 glasses of water at dinner (and even had a dry pull-up this morning!) and ate most of her dinner and said it was yummy!

I'm not sure what it was about getting her own water that made things better but maybe it was distraction enough from whatever it was she was upset about and she felt like a big girl getting her own water. Who knows, but I'll be employing that one again if needed!

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bracken said...

It is amazing how some independence can change a mood sometimes:>!!