Sunday, September 02, 2007

Toot Toot, Bryce - You're the Birthday Boy!

Today was the day we had our families over to celebrate Bryce's 2nd birthday. My sister, Chrissa, was here also and we got to celebrate with her a little bit too.

Bryce had a WONDERFUL day and was just the happiest little birthday boy, ever. His big gifts this year were the Black and Decker toy workbench (from Nana & Big Dad) and his Crayola easel - complete with chalkboard and drawing board (from Bertie & Pop Pop). But, his favorite gift seemed to be The Wiggles birthday card my mom got for him that plays "Toot Toot." After he opened it, he didn't want to open any of his other gifts. So, Caroline happily obliged him and helped him to see what other great gifts he got.

Aside from being such a sweetheart, we had a PERFECT day. It couldn't have been any nicer weather-wise and we had a delicious meal too - spicy italian chicken/veggie kabobs. My fav!

And we ended it all with 2 kinds of pie and eggless cake. Bryce is totally into banana cream pie and was thrilled to be blowing out the candles on that rather than cake. Check him out blowing out both his candles on the first try! That's my big boy! (And for the record, you won't hear me singing in the video - I smartly refrained knowing you'd be able to hear it in the video and I'd rather refrain from confused with an American Idol reject.)

Happy Birthday Bryce & Chrissa!

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