Sunday, September 09, 2007

Too tired for a real post....

It's been a busy weekend and I'll probably update more tomorrow but I just HAD to share this very odd site with everyone:

The Pee & Poo Shop

Just goes to show you there really is a shop out there for EVERYTHING.

And given Caroline's interest in integrating the word "poop" into all of her stories lately, I'm sure she'd be interested - especially in the panties. But given the fact that we are trying to keep her potty trained, we'll keep the pee and poo where they are supposed to be - the toilet.


Anonymous said...

OMG - and why is there a need for stationary, I ask? Very crazy! Funny but crazy!

~ Viv

bracken said...

I must ask -- how in the world did you even stumble on this site? Simply craziness:>

Erika said...

My friend Sommer found it randomly and posted it on my mom's board. I don't do much googling for Pee & Poo. :)