Friday, September 21, 2007

Survey Says.......PBLT!!!

Generally, if Jay and I get a phonecall on our caller ID that has a 1-800 number or unknown caller, we don't answer it. We figure, if it's that important, they will leave a message. But the other night, right after 5pm, we got a call from an 801 area code. We'd gotten a call from the same number a little before 5pm and so my curiosity got the better of me and I answered.

It was some woman from a research company calling to ask me a few questions. I've had these before and usually they will tell you how long the survey will take and will ask if you'd be willing to participate. This woman did not but I figured, sure, why not - it probably won't take long. And I kind of hoped it was a political type survey because I LIKE those and to tell them my political leanings since you always read those surveys in the news and I wanted to be a part. (I was not lucky enough to get that kind of survey.....)

So she starts asking questions and it becomes clear after a few questions that all of these questions have something to do with lead paint and the fact that there are law suits against companies that manufactured lead paint prior to the 1977 law that banned it from being used. She was asking my impression of lead paint, the companies the make lead paint, and how I felt about paint in general....yada, yada, yada.

It was starting to annoy me because she only gave me the opportunity to answer "favorable" or "unfavorable" and if I answered either way she'd ask if it was "very favorable/unfavorable" or "slightly favorable/unfavorable." No option for neutral - but being the oh so savvy person that I am (ha ha!) I stated neutral for several of them and she seemed a bit peeved that I kept using it b/c she clearly wanted an answer. These were not exactly interesting questions or on subjects that I had ever given much thought. Honestly, how many times in your life, have you thought about how you feel about paint. What am I? A cave man? Grrr, paint make me angry today. Grrrr, lead paint make me angry today. WHAT????

I'm sure you're wondering why I was still on the phone at this point.....

So after about 20 of those favorable/unfavorable questions, she asked me to tell her what things come to mind when she said the words "public nuisance." I think I said something like "criminals" and after I told her that she wanted more. At this point one of my children yells out and I realize I've been on the phone for about 5 minutes and I'm super annoyed. I told her I couldn't think of anything more at the moment but she had the nerve to tell me that I HAD to come up with something else.

Um, I don't think so.

I told her that I had screaming children to feed (complete with screaming children sound effects in the background) and that she never told me how long the survey would take and that I didn't care about this issue and I was not finishing the survey. I hung up before she could respond.

You know, I was doing YOU a favor by answering your questions so you don't get to tell me that the answer I'm giving is not good enough. Now if you want to compenstate me, I might be more willing to cooperate. But don't cold call me and expect me to be thoughtful on the issue of the legal action pending against companies who made lead paint 30+ years ago and whether or not the legal action should be against the government or the paint manufacturers.

I should have told her my husband worked in advertising and then I would have been disqualified from the survey. I'll remember that next time....


Katie said...

I love getting random phone calls. I used to not answer, but now I love to answer. You do get surveys, but sometimes you get solicitors. The solicitors are fun b/c you can lead them on and then bring up the Do Not Call list and they hang up so fast.

Anonymous said...

Here's another good tip about people annoying you............... in the mall those nail carts that are in the center, they say "Can I ask you a question?" I say "You just did!" and keep walking buy! Works every time and it makes me laugh

~ Viv ;)