Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Son of Mr. Clean

Jason's ocassionally gotten the "Mr. Clean" moniker due to the fact that he's a baldie like the well known cleaning product symbol and I like to think that he's got a lot in common with Mr. Clean as the man loves to vacuum and mop the kitchen floor. (Did I hit the jackpot with this one, or what?)

But lately, I'm starting to think that maybe Bryce has inherited his love of cleaning. One of Bryce's favorite things to do now is to take a wet rag, napkin, paper towel, etc and scrub the heck out of any surface he sees. The other night at the hibachi place, my mom gave him a wet napkin and the kid went to town on the table. My mom joked he was going to take the finish off the table he was working so hard.

Then tonight, we caught Bryce using one of his washable crayons on the kitchen floor, table and chair. Like I did when Caroline tried this, I gave Bryce a wet paper towel expecting to do the "hand over hand" cleaning and make him clean up his mess. But instead, Bryce was THRILLED to be cleaning something that actually needed to be cleaned. He scrubbed that crayon off and liked it when I pointed out that he'd missed a spot. He liked it so much I was a little afraid he'd make more crayon marks just to have to clean them up.

If this kid loves cleaning that much, I can't wait until he's old enough to clean bathrooms!


bracken said...

He will love doing it until you want him to do the bathroom:>:>!!!!

Katie said...

Emily is fascinated with bald men.
Whenever she sees one (in person or on t.v.), she says "That man has no hair. Do you know who else has no hair? Ryce's Daddy!"

Ryce = how Emily says Bryce.

How lucky for you that J likes to clean!

Anonymous said...

M loves to clean too - I'm a BIG clean freak so she' sees me cleaning all the time! Last year for Christmas my Nana got her a cleaning set from Costco - it had a broom, a mop, a dust pan and little broom, a duster, an ironing board and iron! She loves to walk around the kitchen floor and sweep up her mess! Gotta love it! ~ V