Monday, September 10, 2007

Overall, A Decent Weekend

Aside from the onset of the kids' colds, we had a decent weekend.

On Saturday morning, we got moving fairly early as Bryce had a 9:30 Picture People appointment for his 2 year portraits and Jay was taking Caroline with him up to the IL's house so he could help his dad build a storage shed. Caroline got to play with Aunt Kelly, Nana and the cats, while Bryce did his photos and I did a little retail therapy.

Little vent here..........

I know a lot of people really like Picture People and while I like the clean, uncluttered backgrounds and free standing type shots, I'm not a fan of their service. However, I will pay the extra money that they charge over other photography services because you get your photos almost immeadiately and then you can view them online right away and family/friends can order whatever they want too. However, that day, while the shots came out GREAT, the printer was jammed - hence no photos to leave with AND they have been having problems for weeks with getting photos to upload to the website. Nice. Had they told me upon walking in, I would have not done it. But they didn't. The photos ended up being ready the next day so I had to make yet ANOTHER trip to the mall - but at least they were done and came out well. However, I've already sent a very well worded and bordering on MEAN email to their customer service regarding the web problems. Viv told me that she's known they have that problem sometimes too and to keep bothering corprate about it b/c they are the only ones to fix it. I certainly plan to...... ARGH. Vent over......

So after the photo shoot, Bryce came along while I did some shoe shopping and I ended up with 2 really great pairs of black shoes (more casual and dressy) all on sale! I still need a pair of brown casual-ish types, but I'm still wearing sandals b/c it's so hot, so I'm not too rushed.

Then, after we all got home from our respective places, we met my parents and my brother and his fiance, out for dinner at a Japanece hibachi place (like Kobe or Bennihana). I was really looking forward to it and Caroline seemed very interested but it didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped as Bryce was a little freaked out when the chef first came out but Caroline, she.was.scared. Very scared. So much so that she either sat on my lap with her face in my chest or behind a pillar that was right behind our table. She hated when they lit the big flame at the beginning and she hated when he turned an onion into a volcano. (You all remember her fear of volcanoes, right? ) Clearly, she's still afraid. And once the cooking was over, neither kid really ate much - thank goodness they split a children's portion!

But, the sushi the adults shared ahead of the hibachi was delish and we all had pretty good food, so I really can't complain. Just a note not to take your child to a hibachi place if they are scared of volcanoes, I guess.

Then yesterday, Jason had an event down at the men's club and was going to be there all day, so the kids and I headed out to run a few more errands (picking up said photographs and exchanging a STINKY Crème Brûlée Yankee Candle for a YUMMY Cherry Lemonade Yankee Candle) - sometimes you can't get a really good smell in that darn store! (I'd had a Buy 1, Get 1 coupon the day before and while I was happy with my new Cider Donut, I couldn't stomach the other.) After errands were completed, we headed to my mom's for the last day of swimming in her pool since they'll close it this week. It's hard to believe how warm the water was for this late in the season, but it was a nice way to spend the late summer day. After a quick dinner, we scooted home to meet Jay and get ready for bed.

Even with the minor little blurbs of frustration, it really was a nice weekend. Even if we didn't get any laundry done...

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