Thursday, September 20, 2007

Morning At Our House

The mornings recently have been pretty good. I've been attempting to start the waking process of Caroline a little earlier and she's been cooperating. I know that there will be rocky days in the future, but I try to take it one day at a time. And today was a good day.

Usually I go in and turn off her white noise machine before I go down and eat my breakfast and give her a big hug and kiss. Most days this is the first step to waking her up, but today it must have completely woken her up because just after I got downstairs, she came down ready to chat. She took one look at me and went to work on the easel to draw picture of me. (She didn't tell me at first that it was a picture of me but when she asked how many buttons were on my sweater, I knew what the subject of her drawing was.) So she drew until I went upstairs to dry my hair and said she'd be up when she finished. As I'm drying my hair, she comes in and asks how old I am and then runs back downstairs. By the time I'm done though, she is already back upstairs and in Bryce's room reading him a Cars book.

After they both got dressed and we went downstairs, Caroline said she had to finish her drawing and put on the necklace and belt I was wearing. So I told Bryce he could have his reward jelly bean for getting ready without problems, but Caroline got mad and said he wasn't allowed to have it yet, which is why Bryce is looking so sad in this picture. But as soon as I told him he could have it and Caroline could have her reward when she was ready, he was happy again. He always asks for an orange and green one.

Finally, Caroline said her picture was done and we could take a look! Clearly she'd put a lot of thought into it. There I was, in my brown cardigan (with 7 buttons) and she had put an "E" and a "30" on the picture just for me. Needless to say, I was very proud of her rendering of me - even if it does look like I'm doing a little dance. Maybe that is what she thinks I was doing this morning. (I'm not quite sure what those things on top of my head are though b/c I know that she always draws the eyes inside the realm of the face - maybe it's a bow or something? Not that I was wearing a bow this morning - at least not that I'm telling YOU about.) She's been so into drawing people lately but she always has to completely color them in, so sometimes it's hard to see all the features she draws on them, but she's very into the details now. I just love how she makes sure her drawing is corresponding to what you are wearing that day.


Katie said...

That's Caroline's Diego shirt!

Love the drawing! Can't wait for Emily to draw people.

Erika said...

Yep, that WAS Caroline's shirt, but she's grown so much she had to pass it on. Bryce is already getting close to outgrowing it though.

Christine said...

Awwwww- I love sad/crying toddler pics- they're so cute!!! I'm glad he turned around quickly though! Yay Super C on being good in the mornings- what an artist!