Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Caroline-isms

I'll try to forget Caroline's massive shower meltdown this evening by noting a few of her little quirky verbal things that I just love so much and don't want to forget when she grows up a little more.

PEE-TEND - As in pretend - but without the R. (Has nothing to do with the toilet.)

STUNK - As in the black and white smelly rodent type animal (sKunk) that really does stink quite badly.

MEMBER - As in "Do you member, Mommy, when I was a little girl?"

"When I was a little girl...." - Caroline is always sharing memories with us of when she was a little girl. I wonder how she'll refer to herself as a 3 year old when she's 5.

Pam-pakes - aka pancakes

brefast - as in breakfast - "Mommy, can we have pampakes for brefast?"

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Bertie said...

Sounds like her mommy when "she was a little girl"! So adorable :-)