Monday, September 17, 2007

A Loooooooooooong Weekend

Well, we made it back. I'm exhausted. But glad to be back.

And where did we go? Well, we've been in Williamsburg, VA since Friday afternoon as my family (my family, my parents, sister, brother and future SIL) all converged to celebrate the marriage of long time friend, Taki, and his fiance (now wife) Margee. The actual wedding/reception was actually on Sunday at 3pm held at the historic Freight Shed in Yorktown, VA right on the York River. It was lovely wedding, although much cooler than expected for a mid-September afternoon. I only wish I'd had more time to socialize with other adults, but when you're watching a 2 and 3 year old to make sure they aren't running toward the river or trying to eat something with eggs in it (Bryce) you don't get much adult chit chat. But let's start at the beginning, right?

Friday: Bryce had his 2 year checkup that morning - he weighed in at 26.4 lbs and is 36.5 inches tall. Then we rushed home and packed in time to be at my mom's at 1pm so we could all leave together. Bryce rode with my mom and dad which was wonderful since it gave each kid individual attention and Caroline and I got to ride in the back together in peace. (She's a very easy kid to travel with.....can't say the same for Bryce. We arrived in decent time even though we had some traffic in Northern VA, by 5pm. The resort we stayed in was a cond0 resort and the unit we had was a 1 bedroom efficiency. It was a bit smaller than expected so it's a good thing we get along well with my parents! We ran down the street for a bit to eat together at Pizzaria Uno - which I must commend on how well they are educated on food allergens - and then returned back to the condo. My parents nicely let Jay and I have the bedroom so that Caroline slept on her blow up Dora bed and Bryce slept in the borrowed port-a-crib. Caroline did just fine but Bryce was not thrilled about sleeping in someplace other than his crib at home. Getting them to sleep all weekend was a bit difficult. Lots of tears and frustrated parents....

Saturday: Thanks to a brief power outage and very thick curtains, the kids were up at 7am and b/c I had NO idea what time it was, I let them get up. Ugh, 7am is tough when you've got an entire day to fill up. So we relaxed in the room and ate breakfast - thanks to the nice mini-kitchen we had filled w/ our regular brekkie foods. The weather had suddenly gotten cooler and it had rained the night before. But all 4 of us were out on the free miniature golf course at the resort before 10am. It was still sprinkling some, but in the time it took us to play a rushed game of mini-golf, it started to clear off. And while the outdoor pool was open and heated, it was still too cool to swim but that left the indoor pool! So we rushed back and got changed and let the kids swim for over an hour. Doesn't sound like a long time but when a 3 1/2 year old swims CONSTANTLY for 90 minutes, that is some serious swimming. I'm still amazed at how she's put it all together this summer. I didn't even see much of Bob Dole that day!

I was thinking, that all that swimming meant a good nap. I was right for Caroline but NOT for Bryce. After lunch, I expected them to go down well, but Bryce had other plans. Finally, my mom ended up holding him until he passed out. I was happy that they both napped since Jay and I had plans to take the kids to dinner and then down to Historic Williamsburg since my parents and sister were going to the rehersal/dinner that evening. Caroline woke up in a terrible mood and I think was suffering from overstimulation and too many people around. As soon as we all hit the road, she perked up. Dinner out went well again with Caroline ordering her up her 2nd meal of Mac n Cheese. But Bryce was a bit keyed up and we rushed through the end of dinner so we could get out of there and they could run around. And run around they did! Caroline kept asking if every house we saw (um, like every 5 feet) was old. Bryce ran till he fell down. And Caroline was trying to master her whistle the entire time which is what she is doing in our family picture in front of the Governor's Palace. Weirdo! She also hopped most of the walk - either on one foot or two. You can guess how frustrating it was when she tried to hop while crossing a busy street.

But it was nice to walk around and I keep lamenting that someday we will come and pay to do the real Historic Williamsburg thing and experience it during the day. So we got them back to the hotel and settled down but Bryce had other plans again and would not go to sleep. My brother and his fiance arrived and Jason told me to go ahead and to go the gym as I'd planned and he'd deal with it. Apparently Bryce screamed until about 10pm and Caroline kept getting mad that he was keeping her up.

Sunday: We slept till about 8:30am on Sunday and had an easy morning. After some play time on the playground, we ran out to get Caroline some tights since I was worried she'd be chilly in the cool weather. And after the day before's experience of troubled napping, we decided it wasn't even worth it to try, so we packed up for Yorktown at 2pm and they both took 20 minute naps on the way there. (Why do they always pass out in the car when you don't really want them to?) The ceremony was relatively brief, but NOT brief enough for the 7 little kids. You could see all the parents scrambling to give their kid something to eat or to look at to keep them entertained for a few precious minutes. I had bought each of the kids a Shrek book and that kept them quiet for about 10 minutes. Goldfish crackers and Little Einstein fruit snacks helped too.

Then the fun began! Caroline played, danced, and ran the day away playing with Zoe and Khady - both nieces of the bride and groom - and also 2003 babies. Bryce kind of ran along or sometimes stopped to see what "little" Taki was up to. Every little boy that was there had the signature bleach blond hair - I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it.

And then while most people were still eating dinner - but not Jason nor I, we had scarfed our food down so we could chase after the kids - it was time to dance to the jazz band. And guess who were the only people on the dance floor? Yep, my two kids. Zoe and Khady joined them for a bit, but for a long while, it was just my two showing off their signature moves. Jay got lots of pictures but given how fast they were moving - they're a bit blurry. Caroline only stopped dancing long enough to chow down on a piece of the wonderful chocolate raspberry cake - the only thing she ate all afternoon/evening - and then was back to exploring the Freight Shed grounds with the other girls.

Finally at about 8pm, the kids were showing some wear, and we called it a night. As soon as we told Caroline we were leaving, she went and collapsed on the lawn on the side of the tent. I guess she was tired! But when I came back from saying my good byes, she had befriended some people walking their dogs and then decided that she was a dog for the rest of the evening. We all had some snacks when we got back and then we all collapsed into bed without too many problems.

Monday: We checked out by 9:15 and hit the road. My sweet traveler, Caroline, took a nap, but not Bryce. Even with a DVD, he whined and fussed most of the way home. Although at one point, he got happy and started yelling, "Hey, where's Bryce?" and if you looked back at him, he was sitting there with his blanket on his head. Then he started singing his version of "Happy Birthday" and had a wipe on his head - he thought this was HILARIOUS and that entertained him for about 20 minutes. So, when we pulled into the garage before 1pm, you can guess we were all happy to see our home.

It was a nice weekend, but I don't think I'll recover until NEXT weekend. I really need a vacation now.


Dawn said...

Whew...sounds like quite the weekend! I'm tired just reading about it! But the kids are just adorable, and your family shot is so cute. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Glad your back. What a weekend! All of the photos are so sweet.

P.S. Is Khady pronounced Katie? never seen that one.

Erika said...

Actually no, it's not pronounced Katie. (Her grandmother said that is what they guessed people would think...) It's pronounced Cod-ee (like the fish). Her mom was in the Peace Corps in Africa and she is named after a native who she was very close to. It just totally fits the little girl too - just so cute - she and Caroline announced that they were getting married during the reception.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad to be home? I too am tired from just reading about your weekend. And it makes me scared to travel anytime soon with the girls!

Love the pics! (BTW tell your sis I loved her dress - I spied her in the background of the bride & groom pic!)

~ Viv

Christine said...

I didn't get to read everything yet, but you look FABU!!! You look great- Turbo Jam and Sparkpeople must be paying off!