Monday, September 03, 2007

The Joy of a Purge

Ahhhhh! I feel so much better now. I just spent the last half hour or so, going through all the toys in the playroom and deciding what stuff can stay and what stuff needs to be removed. Since Bryce received two rather large toys this weekend, I noticed that we were in definite need of some toy purging in the playroom. (I need to do the same to Caroline's room too, but that had to wait since she is already in bed.)

First stuff that went - any straggling baby stuff that somehow never made any of my previous purges. Most of that went to my "possible 3rd baby toy" bin that I have in the basement.

Next, went all the mamsey pamsey loose, little crap that they somehow accumulate. You know - lame Happy Meal toys, random teeny tiny stuffed animals, balls (oh we have so many little balls).... Stuff basically that they NEVER play with and will never miss. But it will sit in my basement for a few months before I give it away just in case.

Then the next stuff were things that I have no intention of getting rid of since they may be interesting again some other day. Caroline received Mr. Potato Head from her aunt and uncle when Bryce was born and played the heck out of that thing but now it barely gets touched and when it does, it just gets dumped out and left to lay. Also, I moved out the Fisher Price Little People amusement park. Almost 3 years old, it gets very little play as well. Along with a few other toys that I know may be interesting another day.

I was VERY tempted to just take ALL the FP Little People downstairs since Caroline never really plays with them anymore and Bryce has never had a huge interest. But I figured, THAT would be obvious come morning since they take up 3 shelves. However, they will be first on my list at Christmas when new toys come to fill their spots.

So now I'm sitting here looking at a VERY clean and neat playroom. I'm still wondering if the Dora/Diego interest has passed as Caroline rarely plays with any of that stuff anymore, but sometimes Bryce shows an interest, so there may be new life in them yet.

The big trick now is to keep the kids out of the basement since that always has Caroline remembering what she's missing and lamenting about how much fun certain things are. I don't get why she wants to play so much with some true baby toys. But our basement door has one of those door handle safety covers on it and it's usually Jason that mistakenly lets her come down with him for something, so I'll have to remind him unless he wants to cart some old toys up for new life, to keep her out.

What will I do when she figures out how to open those door knobs? I shudder to think...

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