Friday, September 28, 2007

He Always Lands On His Face

Well, it happened again. Bryce fell, and yep, he landed on his face. Fortunately, it was not as damaging as this time, but when it happened, I was sure it would be.

After dinner, the kids wanted to play with their sidewalk chalk on the driveway so I took them out and they ran around drawing things and making complete messes of themselves. Caroline was covered in purple chalk and Bryce had pink all over his face. I was about to tell them it was time to come in when Bryce took off running from the bottom of the driveway up toward the house. Even though he's been steadier on his feet in recent months, I still cringe when he takes off running like that - particularly on a rough surface - since I know what potential is there. And sure enough, he stumbled, flew through the air, kind of landed on his knees, bounced, and then BANG, hit his face.

As expected I moved in super fast, mommy saving child mode and scooped him up just as he started to yell. However because of the smeared dark pink chalk that was covering his face, I couldn't surmise the damage but there was already blood smeared all around his mouth. Jay opened the door and we ran upstairs.

Fortunately, the damage wasn't as bad as expected - especially considering how bad the fall looked. I blotted his face and he just had 3 abrasions around his mouth that were bleeding lightly. I got all the pink chalk off his hands and cleaned his face. He didn't look too bad and it wasn't until about 10 minutes later when I got him in the tub that I noticed his upper lip was swollen from the impact. But once I got him calmed down and he put "cold Elmo" on his knees (which didn't seem to be hurt at all) he was okay and was happy to take a bath. I also gave him ibuprofen in case he had any pain and as a preventative anti-inflammatory.

I just can't believe how he always seems to land on his face. Poor kid can't win.

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