Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Halloween Dilemna

I know that Halloween is over a month away, but it kind of is starting to be the time where you need to think about what you're going to do because if you don't, it sneaks up on you and you end up having to spend more money than you'd planned on a costume than you'd want to do you throw something together at the last minute that is less than desirable.

I guess I'm just not looking forward to Halloween anymore. I did as a little kid when I dressed up, but now it just seems contrived and for nothing except scaring little kids and rotting their teeth. So here are my issues:

1. My kids would only be trick or treating for like, maybe an hour - we're not invited to any parties or any other events - so is a costume that you spend like $30 on really worth it? (My friend Christine thinks the same thing but said that her daughter would continue to use the costume for dress up. Which I know Caroline would do, but she really doesn't dress up that much and has a bunch of dress up clothes already.)

2. Bryce went TTing last year, but was only 14 months old, so he didn't get it. This year, he will get it but the poor kid probably can't have much of what he'll collect since most chocolate candy has peanuts. Poor kid.....

3. I remember the HUGE bag of candy I'd come home with as a kid and after my mom went through it, for the most part, she'd let us eat it. GOOD GAWD, that's a lot of candy. Although I guess right now, I'd rather my kids eat it than me. (They are still blessed with a higher metabolism.....) But really, I don't want them eating that much. They certainly don't need it and Bryce actually prefers fruit to candy. I think last year I ended up bringing the candy I didn't want Caroline (or me) to eat into work and letting the students have it.

4. The past 3 years, Jason has stayed home to give out candy and HATES it. While we do get some younger kids who deserve the candy coming by in their cute costumes, we get a lot of hoodlums who are either too old or not even dressed up. They come to your door, push past anyone in their way and basically demand candy to be thrown in their grocery bad. They never say trick or treat (not such a big deal) OR thank you (a big deal). And often, they try to come back twice - no joke. So I told Jason that we can give out candy for like an hour this year since that is when most little kids come and then we go out with our kids and not give out any more.

So as you can see, Halloween is hardly the innocent and fun holiday it was for me as a kid. I honestly can't believe I ever got hopped up about it, but I guess when you're a kid all that stuff is a big deal - especially when I was in elementary school and went to the really fun party they always had in the evening. I'm wondering what Caroline will want to be. She's told me a few things - including one of The Incredibles and Dora (again). She has some really pretty princess dress up clothes already and I wonder if I could convince her to go as a princess. And then to think about Bryce.....I have no idea for him. Maybe I'll let Jason decide.


Katie said...

I don't like Halloween b/c I think it is too scary for little kids, especially my little girl. It's way overdone these days.

We have a lot of the same issues as you do. Not sure on how to deal with candy or costume issues either.

Anonymous said...

I loved the party that our school had! There was a whole non-scary haloween maze, pumpkin carving contests, bobbing for apples, and a whole slew of games to play in the gym!

I hear you on the big kids TorT - we have a very large neighborhood and we spend A LOT on candy every year (and we don't get the really good candy either!) Last year Kenzie did our street but she was only 12 months so she didn't get it either but this year I'm already teaching her how to say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" and she is super excited to dress up as a monkey (and see Tori as a banana!) So we'll see what we decide to do as far as handing out candy and walking around!

~ Viv

Dawn said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said, Erika. I did like the holiday as a kid, but haven't since college or so. It just seems way overrated and I'm not a fan of dressing up in costume. We have the same issue with the peanuts for Sienna, and I have no idea with how we're going to deal with that whole allergy issue. Ugh.