Friday, September 21, 2007

Yellow Cleaning Gloves Are Sexy, Y'All

The past two weekends have been a bit busy. We were away last weekend and the one prior, we were barely home. So what does that mean in a house where both parents work full time? Yep, it means our house is dirty.

If you don't count the clutter, I'd say that Jay and I do pretty well with keeping the house in decent condition most of the time. He's the vacuuming and dusting angel and I'm the bathroom and kitchen cleaning guru. A pretty good trade off, if you ask me, since neither of us really hate the tasks we end up doing. But, neither of us has had any time in the past two weeks to do our regular duties.

I've kept up with keeping the kitchen on the tidy side, but it needs a little more TLC. Last night, Jason was so tired of looking at all the telltale spots from kid sippy cups on the carpet in the playroom/living room, he broke out the Dyson, vacuumed and then got out the carpet cleaner and did a very thorough shampoo job. All the kid stains came up - but there is still a hint of a coffee stain. Clearly my kids don't drink coffee - Um, Aunt Kelly???? :)

As you probably guessed, tonight will be a glorious evening of cleaning bathrooms at my house. I'll count it as my cardio - that's how much I get into it. I'll put my mp3 player on and GO TO TOWN. (As Caroline says, it's her favorite phrase these days.) The powder room and kid bathroom don't take long, but our bathroom is a monster when it comes to cleaning. And b/c the grout is now 4 years old it's showing some need of extra work tonight with this grout treatment I have.

So as Jason probably snoozes on the couch (his usual Friday night ritual) I'll be looking HAWT in my yellow cleaning gloves and smelling like my wonderful Method house cleaners that don't hurt my kids or the environment.


bracken said...

Okay two questions -- 1. How do you like your Dyson vacuum cleaner? 2. What cleaner do you use for your bathrooms -- you made it sound like it doesn't have nasty fumes?

We need to do a good overhaul on our house as well. Our family room got a cleaning last night because we had to get the steam cleaner out since sydney spilled milk on the carpet:>:>

Erika said...

We use Method brand which they sell at the oh so chic, Target. Here's their website: I love the Lavendar and Pink Grapefruit all-purpose sprays.

I still use SoftScrub with bleach for the floor of our shower and a Clorox gel pen for some of the grout, but that's it.

Erika said...

Oh and Jay loves our Dyson. We've had it for like 2 years but I've only used it once and that was for the time that the powdered sugar exploded in my pantry, so not exactly regular use.

Jay loves it and I love that he loves it b/c I don't have to vacuum.

bracken said...

Thanks, we will have to try the Method Brand -- I love Target!

Katie said...

Your house after two weeks of neglect looks cleaner than my house after I've cleaned it.

Erika said...

Thanks K - but you did not see the rather large ball of hair I picked up off my bathroom floor last night. GASP! (Of course regular company never sees that!)

Christine said...

Man, I would SO SO SOOOOO happily do the kitchen and bathrooms if I knew that the vacuuming AND dusting would get done! Way to get some cardio in AND have some immediate payoff! I so love a clean bathroom!

And based on 4 years of internet chatting and 1 quick visit (and lots of pics too!), I tend to think Katie is right- your house at it's dirtiest is nowhere near my house at it's cleanest- you guys ROCK!!!
I really think it's the no pets and DH who cleans, but still, you do a great job!