Friday, September 21, 2007

Cleaning Mission Complete

It's 11:45pm and I've just finished 3 hours of whirlwind cleaning. My hands, wrists and arms are tired from scrubbing so hard. No joke. Thank goodness for my super yellow rubber cleaning gloves or my hands would be torn to shreds. I never understood why people wore them - my mother never did - but now that I wear them, I know why. You can clean TWICE as hard and not worry about cutting your hand or your skin getting so wet and crinkly that the nails and skin get all messed up. (FTR, my mom is a top notch cleaner and cleaned just as hard w/o them, must be the country girl in her. She has those asbestos hands too where she can manage to put them in HOT HOT water and not even blink.) And while I'm loving that the weather is still a bit summery on this last weekend of summer, oh my, my little cleaning adventure had me sweating up a storm. I feel like I need a shower but my shower has that grout treatment on it so I can't shower there until tomorrow and I just can't bring myself to mess up the kids' bathroom even though I know it will be messed up in about 2 seconds after they get up and get moving. But I digress....

So 2 1/2 bathrooms and one kitchen later, I'm satisfied enough to go to bed. And an mp3 player really does help - if you haven't tried it, I highly suggest it. Maybe because as each song comes on, it makes me think of something I ordinarily never think of when I'm cleaning. Tonight I heard a Dave Matthews song I hadn't heard or thought of in ages (Two Step) and remembered how Jason put it on a mix tape for me in grad school. Yes, that was before burning CDs was available to most people.... I also heard several songs that reminded me of some good college days (Um, Jump Around, Katie?) so I guess my cleaning adventure was actually also a walk down memory lane that kept me in good spirits. It also made the time go faster and easy not to dwell on what I was doing.

It helps to have both kids asleep and no one in my way too. I didn't get Caroline in bed until 9pm and Jason was already snoozing on the couch when my cleaning adventure began. He'll be very pleased to come down to such a clean kitchen and the coffee Grind N' Brew all ready to be turned on. What can I say, I'm feeling my inner Martha Stewart tonight.


bracken said...

Now that just sounds satisfying though tiring. I didn't get any cleaning done but Sydney and I made cup cakes together so that was cool. Enjoy your shower tomorrow in your clean bathroom!!!

Christine said...

Wow- you are my hero!!! I do so love a clean bathroom, but unless there's an event at my house the next day, no WAY am I cleaning past 11pm!!! Or 9 or 10 pm, for that matter!! I hope you get to do some relaxing today!!!