Friday, September 28, 2007

The Bus Driver's Code

I've always wondered about this. Always. Do school bus drivers have a code of conduct? I'm sure they have rules and regulations they have to follow in accordance with federal, state, and local bus driving policies - but what I'm talking about are the non-rule related things.

I always noticed as a kid when riding a bus, that when one school bus passed another school bus the drivers ALWAYS gave each other a BIG wave. At first I thought maybe they knew each other (and they probably saw each other on the same routes every day) but even when we'd go on field trips fairly far away from our county, these cheese wagon drivers always made sure they gave a big smile and wave to the bus driving by.

And now as an adult driving to work during the morning rush, I've noticed a few other things too. School bus drivers always look out for one another. They'll stop and let a fellow school bus out at a busy intersection, even if it means completely bringing traffic to a stand still. They will put their flashers and lights on when another bus does coming in the opposite direction to help stop traffic. (A really good thing if you ask me b/c I'm shocked how many people will roll by a school bus when it's stopped picking up kids - regardless of the fact that in my county it's a $600 fine if you get caught doing that on a non-divided road.) I've also seen them help give one another the right of way in busy traffic situations too.

So is this something written down or just common courtesy that the bus drivers pick up on? Although I can't imagine that driving a school bus is very forgiving (or high paying) work and that these little things they do for one another makes the day more bearable.

Weird, I know, that I'm thinking about it, but there's a lot of time to think when you're driving 30-40 minutes to work every day.


Katie said...

We never talk enough about school bus drivers do we??? ;-)
Yeah, don't ever pass a stopped school bus. L's friend's wife got caught doing that and got a HUGE ticket-- several hundred dollars. I think she went to court and got it knocked down a few hundred.

Amy said...

I think it's like Jeep drivers, or motorcylists. They just look out for each other.

Erika said...

I would never ever pass a stopped school bus. I even looked up the law to be sure about the law on a divided road (like with a cement divide)- that's the only time it's okay to keep going. People are idiots for passing a school bus. As if getting there 30 seconds sooner is going to make a difference when you could hit a kid or get a huge ticket.