Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BOB DOLE!!!!!!!!!!

I've been meaning to write this little account for a while now, but kept forgetting.....

Caroline has become an amazingly good swimmer for 3 1/2 years old. At the beginning of summer, she could barely kick her feet in a very coordinated pattern and would surely go under if not held up in deeper water. We worked with her at my mom's pool and at the beach club and we were starting to see some changes. Then we went to the beach and she had a whole week with a pool in her backyard and she was swimming twice a day. And that was when we saw the drastic improvement. She was starting to use a productive kick (not just bending her knees and slapping the water with her feet) and she was managing a pretty darn good doggie paddle (or beginning crawl).

But it was like something clicked in the past few weeks as she can now swim for a short distance under water and she has a pretty powerful kick and can swim a longer distance in her little paddle than I ever would have expected. And even though she can make it the whole way across my mom's pool to the side, she insists that you be right there to "catch" her. However, the problem when she realizes how close she is to you, she kind of forgets what she's doing and concentrates more on reaching than on paddling very well. Her head also comes out of the water and she arches her back which puts her legs down further in the water and she starts to sink.

So by now, I'm sure you're like, yeah, but what about BOB DOLE?

Well a few weeks ago, I noticed that when she was getting close to me she would stop paddling with one hand and keep it close to her body and kind of flit with her other hand. Immeadiately the resemblence was clear. There she was with her arm clutched close to her body and her other arm waving wildly. Where had I seen that before? OF COURSE! In the 1996 presidential election! BOB DOLE!

Yes, I know, Bob Dole was injured and couldn't use his right arm but it was just uncanny that her odd swimming technique reminded me of this guy. So, every time she does it, I start saying (a la Norm MacDonald), "BOB DOLE! BOB DOLE!" Of course, she just giggles and repeats it without a clue. But it gives me a laugh and that's all that's important, right?


Christine said...

OMG- you crack me up!!! I was repeating "Bob Dole, Bob Dole" in my brain as I worked my way to the end of the story!

Katie said...

That's funny!
I love Norm as Bob Dole. The skits where Bob Dole is on the Real World crack me up.

Erika said...


That is still, to this day one of my favorite SNL skits of Bob Dole in the Real World.