Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Better Night

Last night was a better night, but we didn't take the books away yet. I'm a firm believer that unless the behavior is HORRIBLE that I don't deal out a punishment without fair warning. And given that Caroline is going on 4, I felt she deserved a chance to keep the books in her room.

(Plus, I'd like to NOT have to remove them all given how much she reads during the daytime too.)

So Jason and I had a talk with her about it last night and reminded her of the fate of her beloved CD player that now "lives" down in the playroom rather than in her room. She remembered that very well. We told her that if she keeps waking up in the night or VERY early morning to read, that we will take away her books.

She certainly didn't like that idea and said she would stop. Now, I have almost 4 years of parenting under my belt so I know that the potential for her to lose her books is still pretty good - I'm not dumb - but I at least want her to understand the cause and effect of it all.

I also made sure when I went in to check on her before I went to bed that I turned off one of her night lights too so that the room wasn't so bright in hopes that it would keep her asleep. She knows that not going to sleep right away has potential for her to lose her beloved green glowing nightlight as well.

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