Monday, September 10, 2007

2 Kids + 1 Cold = 2 Tired Parents

Ugh - the kids have a cold. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised given the fact they didn't have one all summer long. In fact, I honestly cannot remember the last time they had a cold. So maybe I should thank my lucky stars we had such a healthy summer. And I remember that Caroline came down with a cold at almost exactly this time last year, so I guess it's just the start to the cold season.

But, that doesn't make it any easier. Thanks to the cold, both kids were up last night which is highly unusual around our house. Bryce woke around 1am crying and when I went into check on him I found all his PJs were soaked through. Clearly his diaper wasn't on quite right. But he also was quite cranky so I gave him a dose of ibuprofen knowing how achy you sometimes feel with a cold. He started crying a little later and Jay went in and found his "wa wa" (blankie) was soaked too. Thank goodness for spares....

Then at 3am, I started hearing the annoying sounds of this one book that makes noises coming from Caroline's room. There she was, reading to her animals. I took the book away thinking that today might be the day we take the books away and told her to go to sleep. About 10 minute later, I hear her talking again and think that she's reading again. But, she was heeding my request of no more books and there she was talking to her stuff animals. I turned off her green glow friend and told her to go to sleep. At 4am, she wandered into our room and Jason dealt with her. At that point, she had about 100 tissues in her bed, among other very ODD things. (A wooden B, a fake rose, and her program guide to Disney on Ice - I didn't even know where that was!) But upon further discussion this morning, Jason and I have decided to take the glow friend away as THAT is what is enabling her to be able to do things in her room in the middle of the night. I also realized that the cold is probably what woke her up to begin with given how congested she is so I can't be completely frustrated since it's just a temporary thing.

They both did fairly well this morning given the fact that they were both a little tired and cranky from the cold. I'm trying my new morning techniques with Caroline of giving her LOTS of hugs and kisses first thing to help her wake up since we think that one of her issues in the morning is that I have to dress Bryce and thereby give him a little more holding/cuddling - so I'm making sure to make up with it with her and it REALLY seemed to help this morning. (Not that she wasn't getting them before, but it probably seemed like Bryce was getting more attention in the morning since he can't do as much on his own. ) It probably turned a potentially awful morning into just a really slow one - I guess I can handle that.


bracken said...

Colds are never fun. Hope you have a better night tonight.

Katie said...

that's rough. I know how it feels to be up several times at night. Ugh.
Hope kids recover quickly.

Anonymous said...

We had our 1st round of a cold 2 weeks ago and I can't wait for more episodes like that - NOT! Kenzie never had a cold before - not bad for a 22 month old! Darn playdates! ;) ~ V