Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Work In Progress

Remember the playground???? Well, Jason got it started on Saturday, worked for a long time with his BIL, Jesse on Sunday and then a little bit each evening this week, and here is where we are -->

I guess about halfway done - but still with a lot of work to be done. Jay got the ladder done last night and the "rock wall" done tonight and said that the roof is next. He's hoping his brother, Jeremy, will come and help with that since it's more of a 2 person job

But tonight was the first night the kids got to go up in it and as you might be able to guess - they did NOT want to get down. Bryce even got out his play hammer and pretended to be helping Daddy with the construction.

Caroline marvelled at how high up she was and how she could see the birds. (Can't you see the birds on the ground?) But since the slide won't be up for a while and the safety handles aren't up yet, it's far from being the place of bliss that it will soon be. But it was nice that my IL's (Nana and Big Dad) got to see the kids really excited about it and hear Caroline talking about all the things she's going to do on it.

The timing has worked out well too because the set comes with two "big kid" swings, a 1/2 bucket swing (perfect for Caroline) but no toddler swing, so it's on its way via Toys R Us and hopefully just in time for the first day of swinging.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH for you, Jay and the kiddies! My FIL just finished the girls swing set that looks almost like this, the other day and M too loves it. She actually has a hard time deciding what is her favorite the swing set or the pool! It's very funny!

~ V