Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tiger Bryce

Well, I just HAD to show you some pictures of my little makeshift golfer, didn't I? It's funny because he insists on using that funny little "carrot" bat he got for Easter along with that little Ravens football. I couldn't find the football earlier, so I gave him a round foam one to substitute. He was not interested - he needed the football or it was not "golf."

He's just so funny with it because he'll hit that little football all over the place and assume some very odd, non-PGA type stances. Of course, maybe his lacking in convention will make up for his skills and I'll have a future Master's Champion for a son. Or at least a regular golf partner for Jason. I think he'd love that.

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Christine said...

Holy crap Erika- I just frantically opened a window to our BG to make sure that I hadn't missed his bday! Then I went back and actually read what you wrote and saw that he wasn't in fact playing with the golf set you got him. I almost Stay a baby Bryce!!!!