Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday's Daddy of the Day award went to.....


Well, at least according to Caroline it did. When I got home from work (I didn't have to go to orientation!), Jay was making dinner, so I told the kids they could play a little on their playground. Of course, without a slide and only a ladder and the rock wall, there didn't seem to be much to do. But I guess two little kids didn't think so. Up and down they went until dinner was ready.

Then after dinner, I cleaned up while Jay went and got started on the playground again. And what part was he doing? INSTALLING THE SLIDE! Well, Caroline came out of the house and started hooting and hollering - she was so excited. "Daddy, that is the best slide in the whole world!" "Daddy, you are the best daddy in the whole world!" She was jumping and dancing and could barely contain herself.

And fortunately, it only took a few minutes to get it on and then all bets were off. OUT came the kids and down came Caroline and down came Bryce! I got pictures of the whole thing but didn't get a chance to load them last night. So while Jason worked on putting some of the safety handles on and the rope on the rock wall, they just kept climbing up and sliding down.

But we do have a new rule for our playground, "Toes before nose" on the slide. This is mainly because Bryce thinks it's funny to try to go down head first on the slide. Caroline keeps chanting "Toes before nose, Bryce!!!" So far he hasn't been able to successfully do it since we're keeping a very close eye on them, but it's probably a matter of time.

Both were VERY sweaty, dirty and happy when it was about 7:30pm and time to go in for baths. And tonight my dad is coming over to help Jay start the swingset portion of it. I think this thing will be done very soon!


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how thrilled they were!!! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Toes before nose - I like that I'll have to use that with the girls :)

~ V