Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some more things about me...

I'm feeling rather bloggy tonight, can you tell?

Jobs I've had:
- assistant at a cross stitch shop
- baby sitter
- life guard
- swimming lesson instructor
- head aquatics counselor
- academic advisor
- resident director
- community director
- admissions specialist
- assistant director (This was my exciting news last week I couldn't tell yet b/c it wasn't official - but it is now - I got a promotion! And a new title! YAY!)

Movies I never get sick of:
- Pretty Woman
- Shakespeare in Love
- Father of the Bride (1991)
- Love Actually
- The Family Stone
- Dazed and Confused
- Notting Hill
- Steel Magnolias
- Meet the Parents
- Big Daddy (but only if I'm watching it with Jason because of how hard he laughs)

Places I've called home:
- Baltimore, MD
- Pittsburgh, PA
- Essex, MD
- College Park, MD
- Oxford, OH
- Catonsville, MD

Favorite TV shows:
- The Office
- Entourage
- Big Love
- Nip/Tuck (OMG, it's coming back soon!)
- Grey's Anatomy (proud to say I watched the original airing of the pilot and was addicted before the rest of the country seemed to catch on)
- Friends (it's old, I know, but I always watch it if I catch it when I'm flipping channels)

Favorite Vacation Spots:
- Outer Banks, North Carolina (hands down)
- Aruba ( - heaven.)
- St. Thomas, UVI

Favorite Websites: (cliche, I know)

Places I'd rather be:
- eating outside, food always tastes better
- playing with my kids
- drinking a cold beer with Jason on our deck on a warm summer's night
- sitting on the beach in the OBX with the waves tickling my toes

Now, I'm tagging:
(Viv, I'd tag you, if you blogged! Hint hint!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, hey - You'd be happy to know I actually have a blogish thing started but can't find enought time to finish setting it up ot make it look all pretty! I'll get there one day (maybe soon since you are calling me out!) :)
~ V

Katie said...

Congrats on promotion!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I totally didn't even congratulate you - DUD! Congrats on the new title (and more $?)!
~ V

Christine said...

Yay Erika!!!! Congrats on the promo!! Do you get more time off too? And check out my blog- you inspired me!

jason said...

Your job at a cross stitch shop escapes me. When was that?