Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Psst! Don't tell Bryce!

With Bryce's 2nd birthday looming, I finally got a good idea of what to get him for his birthday. GOLF equipment!!!

Since his Putt Putt experience with my parents at the beach, he keeps talking about golf and last night he was using a mini-baseball bat to hit a mini-football around on the floor and kept insisting it was golf. So, I figured this will work nicely.

There were several cute options, but Jay (our resident golf expert) said that he prefered this one since it has an actual cup to putt into and a little tee as he gets older. And since it has 2 clubs, there won't be any sharing issues.

I can just see it now - Bryce and Jason out in the back yard getting in some practice on their swings. Maybe I have a budding Tiger Woods on my hands.


Anonymous said...

This sounds PERFECT! You should take him to one of the local mini golf courses on his birthday too. SOunds like he would love that! There's a neat one on Joppa Rd (ParTee Golf) and then another one on Philadelphia Rd (Magonilia Falls I think is the name)

~ V

Amy said...

That's awesome!!