Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Plague of Poop

It seems my lovely 3 1/2 year old daughter has a new fascination with the word "poop." I don't know what brought it on. (And yes, I did make that word brown on purpose.)

It started a month or so ago to gain some intensity and frequency, but it seems we're in the middle of a phase where anything involving the word poop is funny and we're constantly hearing punchlines to jokes involving poop along with many of our favorite children's books now having poop in the storyline. Especially the Berenstain Bears....I'm sure Stan and Jan Berenstain would be thrilled.

What is it with kids and laughing about poop? I distinctly remember my brother going through such a phase and I remember it lasting a long time. Sorry Kev, but you know it's true. I guess that bodily functions are a big part of their world at this point and talking about helps them to process things.

And we're doing a good job of not "poo pooing" (HAR HAR!) her too much so that she doesn't get that extra thrill of making mommy and daddy angry. We usually don't even show too much shock or laugh either in the hopes that she'll realize it's no fun not getting a reaction from us.

But there is one person in the house that seems to find a lot of her poop jokes funny.....Bryce. Now, I don't think that he totally understands them (heck, I don't get most of them) but the word poop is funny to him and I guess at 2 years old, that's pretty normal.

So right now we're working on not yelling or talking about poop loudly in public or at innappropriate times. Because I guess every preschooler needs to be able to talk about poop sometimes, right?


Brother Kev said...

Poop is comedy gold. You squares just don't understand.

Katie said...

Just be careful she doesn't combine the poop jokes with her sense of smell (previous post). That could lead to some really funny joke material! ;-)

I think it's a phase b/c as you know, Emily does it too. I just try not to react so that she will stop talking about it.

Amy said...

Poop's funny for people of all ages!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Makenzie was watching Elmo's Potty Time DVD for the 1st time last week and both Jay & I smirked when they said "Dookie" very mature I know! lol :)

~ Viv

Christine said...

We've got it here, too. I thought the potty jokes came with kindergarten? I guess our kids are just advanced!!!!