Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Naming Boys is Hard

I remember how easy it seemed to be to come up with a girl name when we found out that Caroline was on her way, but we had trouble coming up with a boy's name. And the 2nd time around was difficult too. I always felt like there were so many options out there for girl names but much more limited for boys. Granted, I'm very happy with what we ended up with in Bryce, but I felt this crunch just the same.

Seems the BabyNameWizard has determined the exact same thing! Check this out:

Boy Name Block


Anonymous said...

Interesting since we had both boy names picked out before we knew what we were having (Andrew (Drew) Thomas for Makenzie and Jonathan Dieter (J.D.) for Victoria) I love the variety in girls names but had a really hard time choosing the "perfect" name.

With Kenzie we had a list in hand (mind) when we delivered and then picked one we though went best (our choices were Gabrille (Gabi), Victoria (Tori), and Makenzie with the middle name Leigh for all of them).

And then for Victoria, we had actually only had one name on "the list", Kaylee, but Jay & I had some serious second thoughts and decided on Victoria (Tori) (Rose was always going to be the middle name).

Funny, I think about it now and I can't see calling my girls by any other name...........

But I totally agree that boys names ar emore boring than girls but this is true with clothes too. Anyone whos has had to buy for both a boy and a girl knows the clothing for little girls is much cuter and more available than little boys (althought the boy clothes have come a LONG way over the past 10 years!)

~ Viv

Katie said...

For me boys names are easy b/c I am so traditional with those. Girls names was tough to pick b/c the field was so wide open! I still went the traditional route though. I've got several more boys/girls names lined up!!

P.S. Evelyn was my grandmother's name and I think I may end up with a niece by that name very soon! Glad it is coming back in style!