Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Funny (and a bit odd) Little Girl

Caroline has done some very interesting things lately that I know are just a small peek into her vivid imagination. Here are some examples:

  • She has named her thumbs. The one she sucks is "Old Sucky" and the one she doesn't suck is "Good Boy." She said that during the day they like to hug and at night Old Sucky makes her go to sleep. (That's going to be a tough habit to break!)

  • This evening they were out playing in the yard (the very HOT yard) when she caught an ant and stood out in the yard talking to it and telling "him" he was tickling her. Then she tried to bring it in the house to play with her.

  • The other morning they were both playing with baby dolls and Caroline said hers was sick and hurt all over (kind of like mommy, I think) she wanted to give the baby medicine so I gave her an old infant medicine syringe and she proceeded to give the baby lots of "Benedryl." (Um, we hardly EVER use Benedryl - where did she pick that up?)

  • Going along with her fascination with ants, one morning at the beach, Jason went into their room because he heard something going on. There was Caroline on the floor between the beds hitting the night table with her burned out glowstick saying "ANTS! ANTS! ANTS!" Jason said there may have been a few ants, but not that many that warranted a full scale attack. He also said the best part was that Bryce was cheering her on from the crib - "ANTS Ca-line! ANTS!!! GOOOO!"

  • We've been trying to work the term "shut up" out of her vocabulary which she picked up from a combination of The Incredibles and Sponge Bob (which she watches occassionally with some elementary aged kids). So enroute to the beach last week, just at the part where Violet yells "shut up" Caroline says, "MOMMY! Violet said shut up!" Ah yes, tattling on a movie.

  • And finally she's picked up a new term she likes to use, "totally wicket." No, not "totally wicked" but "wicket." It's also a line from The Incredibles (although Dash does say "wicked") and I guess something about it just resonated with her because I hear it every so often when I'm not expecting it. I'm thinking of teaching her "gnarly to the barely" or "totally rad" to round her out and give her a totally awesome Ridgemont High vernacular.

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Katie said...

old sucky and good boy?? ROFL!!