Friday, August 03, 2007

More Beach Bliss

This week is continuing to be just fantastic. It's been sunny, HOT, and perfect beach weather. Bryce is learning not to put sand in his eyes and they both love splashing in the waves. And because our house has a pool, it's a welcome relief from the hot and sandy beach for a while. As a kid, I never understood why anyone would need a pool at the beach - since my family is such a BEACH family. But now I totally get it. Carting the kids down to the beach is a bit of an ordeal, even if it is just across beach road, but just going out to the pool is easy and is a heck of a lot better than sitting in the house because you don't want to go out to the beach. And with all this extra pool time, Caroline has been working really hard on her swimming without swimmies and is doing amazingly well! She swam from one end of the pool to the other about 3 times - all doing her signature kick/paddle - that's a little heavy on the kicking and the paddle that turns more into a desperate reach for the side. But I think for 3 1/2 she's doing pretty darn well and still has plenty of time to perfect her stroke for the 2024 Olympics.

This morning 5/6 of the C cousins took our grandmother out for breakfast at a local favorite, Sam and Omie's. Such a cute place with awesome food and great service. This was a followup of just the "kids" (the Gen X and Y folk) going out to dinner at Sugar Creek for some amazing seafood. Meanwhile, my parents took the kids out for ice cream and their first ever round of minature golf. The kids loved it - especially Bryce - who kept telling me "mommy! golf!" all morning long.

So it's about time for us to pack up and get out on the beach for the day. We are getting so tanned and no sunburns yet!!! Oh and lots of nice and refreshing outdoor showers too!

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BJ said...

It is funny you talk about your tan...I normally am always tan because we go to at least one trip to a beach, but not this year and I am white! My mom even commented about it when we were at their place yesterday. I need a beach!