Friday, August 17, 2007

Maryland Survey

1. Have you ever been in the World Trade Center in Baltimore?
Yes but not since I was a kid

2. Which is better: Aquarium or Science Center?
Aquarium but then, I haven't been to the Science Center in YEARS and I hear it's pretty good now. The Aquarium is NOT for younger kids - I remember being bored out of my mind there as a little kid.

3. Fells Point or Canton?
Canton has really good restaurants - not interested in the bars though.

4. Ever been to the "Harbor" and smelled the nasty smell?

5. Do you know who/what comes from "The land of Pleasant Living"?
Natty Boh, hon! Sadly no more though. :(

6. Ever eaten soft shell crabs and not wanted to throw up?
I have meat issues and just thinking about doing this makes me want to throw up

7. Ever seen the glorious wonder that are the "Golden Titties"?
Yeah, those monstrosities are not too far from my house. But did you know that if all homes had grinder pumps that those things wouldn't even be necessary.

8. Which is better: Dundalk or Essex?
Really a competition between these two? It's really almost the same thing. Although I was raised in Essex and turned out A-OK.

9. If somebody asks you if you wanna go "Downieoshin", how do you respond?
Heck no, I do not like Ocean City.

10. Will 695 construction ever end?
Have you seen the I-95/I-695 interchange on the northeast corner lately? OMG, there is some CRAZY $hit going on there right now. I get nauseous seeing the men up on top of those huge concrete pillars on my way home every day.

11. Ok suburbanites: Owings Mills Mall, Towson Town Center, Hunt Valley Mall, Columbia Mall, Arundel Mills or White Marsh?
I really like Columbia Mall - but it's too far now, so I have to settle with White Marsh. I hate Towson b/c it's way too big and not organized very well and the parking is horrific - especially since a teacher was killed in one of the parking garages there. Yuck.

12. Do you know the difference between HoCo and Hazzard Co.?
Oh heck yeah

13. How many times have you gotten stuck in Rt. 50 traffic trying to get to the beach?
The last time I went to OC was probably 1999 and I do remember getting stuck on the way back.

14. Ever been to Warshintin DeeCee?
Um, like 5 million times for elementary school field trips. Where do the kids in Kansas go for their patriotic type field trips?

15. Remember when Marty Bass wore a toupe?
Really????? I didn't know that!

16. Do you root for the O's? Even when they suck?
I'm fed up with Peter Angelos and the way the team is run. I think Cal needs to find a way to acquire them - you want to see an entire town wake up? That would be amazing!

17. Remember when Willie Don was governor?
Yes - and thank goodness he's retired from public service. Sexist pig.

18. What ornament stands on top of the state building in Annapolis?
An acorn. Why do I know that?

19. Remember Hammerjacks?
I was too young to ever go.

20. Ever get scared driving past Lexington Market?
I think it's rather interesting if you ask me.

21. Can you name atleast two of the military bases in MD?
Ft. Meade and APG

22. Where was the original capital of the United States located, before they decided on DeeCee?
Annapolis, but did you know that Williamsport was also a contender? My grandmother used to live just behind the C&O Canal up there and there is a plaque commemorating the fact that Williamsport was a high contender but b/c it was very far up the Potomac, it lost out. But back in those days, the C&O was a big deal.

23. How many times has the deaf homeless guy tried to get you to buy his papers?

24. Ever kicked a pigeon at the inner harbor?
No way, that's mean and it would probably have a gun.

25. What goes with hot crabs?
I know the answer is supposed to be beer, but if you're having hot crabs, I'm having steamed shrimp. I don't pick crabs.

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Katie said...

That should be called a B'more survey!