Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Miss My Top Lip

I worked from home this morning b/c I had a dentist appointment at noon and I didn't see the point of going in and then leaving by 11:15 to do things that I could actually do at home via a remote connection. So I dropped the kids off at 7:30 and then came home and worked straight through until about 11:30.

I'm not someone who is afraid of the dentist - particularly for a run of the mill check up, but today I had to have a really old filling replaced so I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. I'm not afraid of the needles or the drilling, but I hate having to hold my mouth open so far for so long and then having my mouth numb for hours! Oh my, I thought my jaw was going to fall out he had to have my mouth opened so far b/c the filling was in my 12 year old molar at the BACK of my mouth. (Thank goodness I don't have wisdom teeth! Can you imagine?)

Luckily this was on the top of my mouth so my tongue is not affected (the worst!!) but my top lip is still numb and I can't even pucker my lips. Add that to the fact that my mouth tastes horrible from that crap they put in there and I'm feeling pretty nauseous. (Why does dental work always make me feel sick to my stomach?)

After I left the dentist, I did the grocery shopping b/c we were in dire need of food. So I just got it all put away and now I'm going to start dinner - actually make something that takes a little longer since I have the unencumbered time to do so. (I really like cooking when I have the time, the idea, and no one hanging on me or screaming.)

I just hope this numbness goes away soon - I can feel the side of my mouth again so I'm hoping that my lip will resurface soon. Hopefully in time for my BBQ turkey meatloaf I'm making for din din.

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Christine said...

oooohhhh...share the recipe! Sounds delish...and I hope your lip return in time to enjoy it. At least you won't be dribbling little bits from your lower lip!