Monday, August 13, 2007

Guinea Pig Gone Wild

Update: Later in the morning, I saw the guinea pig woman (randomly - I don't see her that often and never twice in a day) and she had a happy ending. She talked to the Biology department and they brought a cage over and a woman in another office decided to keep it. She named it Speedbump. I thought that was pretty cute. Although I agree with Katie - defiinitely NOT my choice of a pet. I had hamsters growing up and now I look back and cringe b/c they totally gross me out now - they are practically mice and/or rats. EW!!! So I think a G.P. is one step up, but not much of one. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have picked it up even though I would have felt bad about it. That was one LUCKY guinea pig!

This morning as I was pulling into my garage at work, I saw a woman I normally see each morning in the garage corralling what looked like a guinea pig. I figured I must have been seeing things. What is someone doing w/ a guinea pig in a parking garage?

But I got out of my car and started to walk toward my building when the woman came toward me and sure enough, wrapped up in a dirty towel that she had pulled out of her car was a guinea pig. She said, "Look what I just found when I pulled in."

Now I'm not really a fan of guinea pigs given that I'm allergic, but how terrible is that? Guinea pigs don't stand a chance out in the wild and this poor little thing must have been confused and probably thirsty and hungry as well.

So this well meaning woman was taking it into work and was going to figure out where to take it. But it left me thinking - did someone knowingly release this animal b/c they didn't want it anymore? I sure hope not because that is such a terrible thing to do. So I'm hoping that it just got away from it's owner although that seems very odd since guinea pigs generally aren't escape artists that mice, rats and ferrets seem to be. And then I was thankful that this nice woman was taking care of it b/c I really don't know what I would have done if I'd seen it first b/c of my allergies and the fact that this thing was pretty dirty.

And the funny thing was, it kind of looked like Linny from the Wonderpets, so I'm glad my kids weren't with me b/c I'm sure Caroline would have been enthralled.

Poor little guinea pig, I hope you get a new home!


bracken said...

That is too funny! I hope that they fine the pig a home. If it looks like Linny, Sydney would have been enthralled as well. She loves the wonderpets.

Katie said...

guinea pig or fancy rat?