Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Freaked Out About China

While I was on vacation, I read, along with the rest of the parenting world, the report that thousands of Fisher-Price toys were contaminated with LEAD paint!!! Quickly I visited the website and found out that none of my kid's toys were in the recall since all the items that we do own were purchased LONG before May 1, 2007. (Although I have a friend who is pretty sure her two children's slightly elevated and unexplained lead levels is due to their love of suspect Dora the Explorer doll house.)

However, it really got me to thinking. Given what happened with that pet food fiasco a few months back that also came from China - how safe are these goods coming in from a foreign country where safety standards are FAR below ours.

I thought twice about letting Bryce have his Happy Meal toy back that we got enroute to the beach since it was made in China. Who knows if that will be recalled in the near future?

What's next? Asbestos in their pajamas? Arsenic in their Little People? Gosh. It really has me thinking twice about anything I buy that says "Made in China" on it. Or any other foreign/third world type country. I know that the reason that US companies farm production out to non-US countries is to keep costs lower, but honestly, after this kind of information is it really worth it? Frightening, if you ask me.


Christine said...

Yes- it is scary....today at the Peds, she picked up the toy Baz threw on the ground and looked at the bottom..."Made in China"....she hesitated to give it back to him! Guess we have to test everything now!!! Hope you feel better!

Katie said...

China sells us poisonous crap and we buy it. They also pollute the environment too. I wish there was some way to stop it.

(I was pleased to see that Lucy's Gerber pacifiers were made in Germany.)