Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bryce's Weekend Morning Routine

Bryce is usually the first one up on the weekends and thankfully, he now sleeps until about 7:30/8am. This is a recent development that I'm very happy about.

He'll wake up and start calling for us and because Jason is so sweet, he'll get up first and go in and change him. Ususally the first thing Bryce asks Jason when he walks in is, "Where Ca-line?"

The whole time Jay is changing him, Bryce is firing questions - "Where mommy?" "Where cup?"......

Then Jay puts him down and what is the first thing Bryce has to do? He has to run into my room and get a hug and kiss from me. So I roll over, give a BIG hug and kiss and a groggy greeting. Then he'll get down, say, "Bye bye mommy!", wave, and go downstairs for a cup.

I just love that he can't go downstairs w/o saying good morning to me and giving me hugs and kisses. That's a pretty nice way to wake up.


Christine said...

Wow- that is great!!!! Especially 1.) that Jay goes to him first (I'd kill for that as a routine!) and 2.) that he just wants a hug and a kiss! What could a tired momma want on a Saturday morning!

Dawn said...

Oh, how sweet! And WOW on him being the first one up at 7:30 or 8. Can he come over here and teach my crew a lesson or two? They're usually all up by 6, no matter what day it is!