Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bryce The Wonder Boy

You know it's funny, I have this little song I made up for Bryce when he was days old and I've been singing it to him for almost 2 years now and I realized, you know, I better write this down because I don't want to forget it. Add that to the fact that he really likes this song and always says "A-gan! A-gan!" when I sing it, I thought I'd share it.

Brycey Brycey the Wonder Boy
Brycey Brycey you're such a joy
Brycey Brycey you're Caroline's toy
Brycey, Brycey, Brycey!

Brycey Brycey the wiggle worm
Brycey Brycey you like to squirm
Brycey Brycey don't get a perm (my fav line - makes me think of the Mike Brady & my FIL)
Brycey, Brycey, Brycey!

Brycey Brycey the cutie pie
Brycey Brycey you have blue eyes
Brycey Brycey don't be so shy
Brycey, Brycey, Brycey!

I'm always trying to add new verses and then can't think up good rhymes. Like "Brycey Brycey the giggle box" - not too many good things rhyme with box....

Anyone else out there have little diddies they made up for their kiddo?


Katie said...

Emily Rose, Emily Rose, Emily Rosebud! (repeat)(repeat)
Not as elaborate as your song.

Lucy's song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and we add in Lucy Margaret Dxxxxx here and there. ;-)

Christine said...

I suppose I'm just not that creative...I just sing boring old songs without any personalization. Ummmm, I'd leave that giggle obox lne alone, though- I don't even want to tell you what comes to mind to rhyme!