Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bryce and his ToTos

I think all my fruit and veggie demons have finally let me go. The demons that kept telling me that the reason Caroline is so against eating ANY fruit and most veggies was because I did something wrong. But Bryce has proven that I've done all the right things in continuing to offer them to both kids because man, does that kid LOVE fruit and vegetables.

Case and point, for breakfast today, he had a bowl of oatmeal with lots of raisins then he gorged himself on grapes. Then he spotted our evergrowing supply of tomatoes from our garden. And then, all bets were off.

"To-to mommy! TOTO!!"

He was reaching for them and I kept giving him one cherry tomato at a time. But then my back was turned and I hear, "Mommy, big grape!" And there he was, with the top chewed off of a regular tomato. So I took the core (stem connector place?) out and gave it back and he proceeded to eat the WHOLE thing.

Don't get me wrong, I like tomatoes too - especially ones that are home grown. (Ours are great this year!) But I don't think I could eat one like a piece of fruit. I'll leave that to Bryce.

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