Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well, I made it to work today feeling moderately crappy. Still lots of stomach cramps and not feeling great, but I figured I'd come in and clean off my desk (and the messes made while I was gone). It helped that my kids spent the night at my IL's last night so this morning was very laid back and I didn't have to do any running around like I normally do - I just don't have the energy.

Why when you get one of these nasty stomach viruses does everything taste like crap? I love water and drink so much of it, but when I feel like this, the stuff tastes like SWILL. Even the applesauce I'm eating tastes oddly like cheap cologne. WTH?

I found out that my future SIL seems to have caught it too so I guess it was something we were all exposed to at the beach. I think it may have been my sister who brought us this nice present since she had been sick with it earlier in the week before arriving. Oh well, at least we are sick at home and not at the beach.

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