Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Big Zucchinis = YUMMY Bread

I showed you how well my garden was doing and it was a bit of a bummer it was starting to peak right as we were leaving on vacation. But luckily, my ILs were happy to stop by and water and check on it a few times. Sadly, the heat made one of my pumpkins wither, but we have one that is doing well and is on track to be a splendid Halloween pumpkin. I'm hoping for at least one more - for obvious reasons!

But when we walked in the door on Sunday the first thing we noticed were 3 HUGE and 1 nice sized zucchini on our counter that SIL had brought in. GOOD HEAVENS! And when they get that big sometimes they aren't great for eating as a veggie - so what better thing to do but to make ZUCCHINI BREAD!

Caroline assisted me and we made two large loaves - one for us and one to share with Cathy and her family. She was such a big helper and I'm hoping that means she'll actually eat it and maybe get some veggies into her?

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Anonymous said...

FUnny that you are looking for ways to get your kids to eat their veggies - we wen to a play date at our neighbors house Mondya and the Mom had made zucchini bread for the girls to have as a snack and Kenzie loved it. SO I got the recipe and I'll be maiking it this weekend! All she eats these days is corn - on the cob only!
~ Viv