Saturday, August 18, 2007

Attention All Flies in Baltimore

Getting into our home is easy. Just wait until a small child is heading toward an outside door. Due to their interest in the threshold of the door or maybe the fact that they don't understand how to move very fast, you will have ample opportunity to enter our home and explore. You will find enough of your friends inside to have a very nice fly party since many have already been enjoying our hospitality. However, please be warned - we are skilled fly hunters and we will hunt you down. Or we'll never catch you and you'll die a slow death sitting on one of our windows hoping to get out.

1 comment:

bracken said...

Love it!!! GA is huge for flies and we have tons of them. Sydney is the registered bug killer in our house. She always finds the flies, spiders and grasshoppers. UGH! I hate bugs.