Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Traveling Activity Director Nerves

As our beach trip approaches, I have to admit, I'm getting nervous. Over 6 hours in a car (without traffic!) with my two kids is starting to worry me. But I guess it's not Caroline I'm worried about - it's Bryce. Caroline has pretty much always been okay with longer car rides especially since we got the dual screen DVD player. She's also content to look at books, sleep and just chill out. Bryce on the other hand is a maniac.

He's never really been into TV to begin with - not even at home. He'll watch a few shows for a few minutes but he's ready to get up and do something. By this age, Caroline had several shows she enjoyed watching in their entirety. Bryce likes the Wiggles, but generally won't sit longer than 10 or 15 minutes - forget about any movie!

He gets bored with books after about 3 or 4 and starts chucking them on the floor. If you start feeding him, it will entertain him for a while (as long as there is food) but he makes a COMPLETE mess. I'm amazed at how he can make a mess out of even "neat" foods.

And then there is the fact that he really doesn't sleep in the car. Even when he's completely exhausted he's been known to yell, talk, jabber, kick the driver's seat and wiggle. And when he finally passes out, he often won't sleep for long. And Jay and I have a very long trip home from Philly fresh in our minds where he screamed his head off for an hour.

So I am making some plans - I've mapped out several McDonalds with playlands that are anywhere from 2 hours from our home to just over 4. So we'll stop at one of those, let them play and eat lunch so that maybe after that, they'll sleep well. I'm also trying to think of some things to take along. Caroline already has a really nice lap tray and would probably be fine with coloring but I know how quickly Bryce gets bored with that at home too.

His favorite toys are cars and those aren't exactly the most fun toys to play with enroute to anywhere. So I might get him one or two new cars and I might get a new DVD they haven't seen too. Plus, they have little Magnadoodles too and I'll bring along some books - maybe even a new one.

My greatest wish would be that Jason shares the driving with me. I don't mind driving although I know he doesn't like not being the one in control but if he shares the driving then we are also sharing the responsiblity of being the traveling activity director too. So what do you say Jay? Maybe let me drive for like 2 hours? (I've driven down there before - many times!)


bracken said...

I am not usually one to jump on this idea for a first solution but you might want to pack some baby benadryl. That way IF Bryce gets to the point he is over tired but just won't fall asleep (and is even screaming and yelling) maybe a small dose of benadryl will help calm him and allow him to sleep. otherwise I think you are on your way to being a good activities director, you have thought of a lot.

Anonymous said...

I guess driving at night isn't an option? We have neighbors who have 2 1/2 yr old twin boys and the Mom is from Pittsburg (she's on of 8 kids and they all live up there with their families) and they go up to visit a lot. They always leave around 7 or 8 and drive at night so the boys sleep the whole time (or most of it). We tried that trick when we've driven 4 hours to Newport News VA to see my Nana and it worked for Kenzie (we won't have to worry about that anymore since Nana has just moved into OakCrest right around the corner from me!)

Good luck though! I think you'll be fine since you've put so much thought into it :)

~ Viv